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Walking in the winter can be dangerous. More people fall during the winter than any other season. We can help – choose the right boots.

At iDAPT, we’ve developed an innovative solution to testing winter boots for their slip resistance in different winter conditions. Our test is unique in the world –  It has real people walking back and forth on a floor made entirely of ice. From our human-oriented test, we can get realistic and consistent slip results that are important to the general consumer. We are always updating our list of boots tested, check back often to see if your boot is on the list!

Our aim is to prevent slips and to keep you safe on the streets.

We thank the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) for their support and funding of research projects contributing to the advancement of winter footwear technology to benefit the safety of outdoor workers and the public. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Province or of NIDILRR.

What brand of winter footwear are you wearing this season?

81% of the boots we’ve tested did not make it.

We have tested 198 different types of footwear in total and found 19% of 198 we tested in 2017 got one snowflake compared to only 10% of 100 boots tested previous year.

Are your boots on the list?

Come Chill In Our


We have an entire room dedicated to testing winter boots. Our WinterLab is air and temperature controlled which makes it stay cold all year-round.

Tried and


We have real people wear and walk in the boots for our test. Only from our Maximum Achievable Angle test do we get meaningful results that are representative of real people walking.

Interested in testing your own boots? Or want to come for a tour of the WinterLab?

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